Welcome to the Columbiana Area. We are known for our friendly, small town heart. In October of 2019, we were even voted by Reader’s Digest© as “The Nicest Place in America!”

2019 Readers Digest Nicest Place in America

Come visit our unique specialty shops, antique stores, historic sites, farmers markets, and quaint restaurants. You will find a lot to do throughout the year.

Whether you are interested in a round of golf, browsing the largest community market in the region, strolling through historic neighborhoods, or looking for the right craft gift for a friend, you are sure to find it.

Columbiana is known for several annual traditions, including the Shaker Woods Village, which showcases the country’s finest crafters and artisans throughout August. Summer also brings Fourth of July fireworks and the Wine Festival.

In the fall, the city holds the annual American Legion Street Fair, followed by Antiques in the Woods, Oktoberfest, and Christmas in the Woods. In winter, residents celebrate Christmas in Columbiana with the Joy of Christmas Holiday Light Festival.

History of Columbiana

columbiana-ohio-vintage-postcard-1950sIn 1802, Joshua Dixon originally settled the town that would become Columbiana. In 1805, he and William Heald laid out the town. By 1831, Columbiana had a railroad and three stores. It was incorporated as a village in 1837, and later became the City of Columbiana in 2000.

As the village grew, it provided Police, Fire, and EMS services, and began to operate its own water, sewage, and electric facilities. In 1900, Columbiana native, Harvey S. Firestone, founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. in Akron, and developed a method for mass-producing tires for the burgeoning automobile industry. The 68-acre historic Firestone Park is his lasting legacy, and the Firestone family memorial is located in the nearby Columbiana Cemetery.